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Winter Newsletter


New Additions to Our Depot

Waltham Highlands Train Depot

To share the historical significance of the Waltham Highlands train station, we have arranged an exhibit of large scale photographs on the depot’s exterior. The images date from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. These displays of history are a glimpse of what we have to offer. We sincerely enjoy sharing our collection of photographs and postcards. Please continue to stop by for viewings.

Happy 2014

Thank you for making our first Winter Wonderland Open House a big success here at the office. We were delighted to connect with so many of you who came to see the decorations and enjoy warm conversation and food.  Thanks to those who came to share in the fun with us.LoonIceCastle

On a personal note, we celebrated some milestones in the Regan Family. One of the most exciting moments was watching our daughter, Sarah, open up her acceptance letter for the college of her choice on Christmas Eve!  It was truly amazing to see the excitement on her face.  Elizabeth now has her driver’s permit and is confidently learning to drive.   She is also racing for the School Ski team which brings back memories from when I was a kid racing on Prospect Hill. Timothy has been enjoying skiing and rehearsing every day for the upcoming school play.  He also made his first guest appearance as Santa Claus at our Christmas Party. Deborah and I are enjoying our weekends up at Loon Mountain, hiking with our dog Murphy, and visiting the new Ice Castle. We truly hope that this winter has brought you and your family joyous memories as well.

Before we know it spring will be coming, the bulbs surfacing in our yards which signify the immense possibilities awaiting each one of us in 2014. I am grateful to have the opportunity to service your expanding insurance needs. We know we can provide the peace of mind and protection you need to move forward in pursuing your own dreams.

Have a Great Year,


The Super Bowl Nightmare

Imagine being at the Super Bowl  and receiving a phone call from your spouse that back home, your ceiling has collapsed. A small stain in the ceiling that you noticed weeks ago suddenly became over $100,000 in damages due to an ice dam. Thousands of miles away, you feel helpless.

For our client, Bill, this nightmare became a reality. He contacted Tim in a panic with  the dreaded news. Tim knew he had the correct coverage and immediately called Bill’s wife to set her mind at ease. This was a serious matter that needed to be resolved quickly.  He was able to get in touch with the emergency claims personnel to contain the situation and stop the flow of water, preventing further damage. Tim worked with the insurance company to get Bill’s family into a hotel while their house was under repair. After several months, they were able to move back to their newly renovated home. They were able to enjoy this year’s Super Bowl with no interruptions.

At Regan Insurance, we take your protection very seriously and believe our first duty is to ensure that our clients have the coverage necessary to rebuild their lives after a loss. While we may not be able to predict the unexpected, having a contingency plan and a solid insurance policy in place can offer a great deal of comfort.

Since 2012, we are proud to have helped settle over $3,000,000 in claims. 

Bring on the New Year

What an exciting year 2013 was both personally and professionally. We welcomed Meghan as a new member to our team and she has excelled beyond our expectations. Many of you have already had the pleasure of working with her and for those who haven’t, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her in the near future.

Leah+TommyIt’s truly been a pleasure connecting and reconnecting with our clients. Through our newsletter, open houses, Facebook, and one-on-one policy reviews, we’ve been able to understand and help so many more clients than before.  I’m energized to see what 2014 will bring!

As for me personally, 2013 left me with memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Our long-awaited Disney vacation was as magical as the park itself.  Our children are growing up so fast – it was nice to share that experience with them while the fantasy and magic still lives in their eyes. That is something I hope they will never lose.

This year, I am honored to have been selected as one of the 20 insurance professionals on the MAIA Young Agents Committee. The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents created this task force to help shape the future of our industry. There is a lot of work to be done and the MAIA Young Agents Committee has planned some great, high profile events. Please follow Regan Insurance or Young Agents Committee on Facebook to keep yourself apprised of new insurance initiatives in Massachusetts.

All the Best,


The Importance of Life Insurance


Meghan’s First Year at Regan Insurance

Last month marked my one year anniversary with Regan Insurance. It has been such a pleasure meeting so many of our clients and neighbors. I hope to continue meeting more of you through our open houses and as you come by to visit our office.


The year 2013 brought significant change to my life, both personally and professionally. I am happy to be on a new career path with Tim and Matt leading the way. They were very supportive in helping me pass the insurance licensing exam and continue to aide me as I seek special designations.

Over the holiday season I had a wonderful time with family and friends. I am so grateful that most of my family is local and I look forward to spending more time with them throughout this year.



3 Tips for Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Whether it is preparing for a natural disaster like Superstorm Sandy or avoiding common causes of everyday disasters like water damage, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, there are resources for home and business owners that can help protect lives and property.

1) Create a survival kit
2) Have a plan
3) Build an inventory

To download a disaster preparedness checklist visit:

Your Account Review

While your life is consistently changing, it is important to keep your insurance up to date. Call before your policy renews for a complete account review. We will ensure that you have the appropriate coverage and limits and check that you are receiving discounts you may be eligible for.

Call or email Meghan
(781) 893-1181 ext. 100

Wedding Insurance

WeddingThat’s right; we offer wedding insurance! Visit our website for more information on why you  should consider having insurance for your special day.

Answers to This Season’s Trivia Questions

Where did the first Thanksgiving meal take place?
Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621; It was spelled Plimoth at the time.

When was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade held?
Answer: The first Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade took place in New York City in 1924 and featured the animals from Central Park Zoo.

What does the term “Cornucopia” mean?
Answer: Horn of Plenty

What American President did not like the idea of a National Thanksgiving Day?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

What was the name of the ship the Pilgrims sailed over on?
Answer: The Mayflower

Which Native American tribe celebrated the Thanksgiving feast with the Pilgrims?
Answer: Wampanoag